How Do I Apply to Sue Ryder?


There is an application Form available through this website or alternatively you can contact us at our head office in Ballyroan, Co Laois.

Am I eligible for a Sue Ryder Foundation home?

The Sue Ryder Foundation receives the majority of its capital funding from the Dept of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government. As such it is required to meet 75% criteria of allocations to those eligible for social housing. Many people are entitled to social housing and are not aware of these entitlements. An application form for social housing is available from your local authority.

The Foundation can allocate 25% of its units at its own discretion.

In addition to the 25% discretionary allocation the Foundation can also allocate units to elderly Irish emigrants who wish to return to Ireland. As long as they don't own their own home they are eligible to be accommodated.

Can I bring my own furniture?

Yes, whist the bungalows and apartments are almost fully furnished there is space for the residents to bring their own personal affects with them

Will I be secure?

The Foundation offers every occupant a contract or a licence agreement. This agreement set out the responsibilities of the landlord (the Sue Ryder Foundation) and the occupier. It is a clear contract setting out the standards that need to be met on both parts. The tenancy is a rolling periodic one that has has no termination date bar if the person requires long-term specialised care.

Will I have to move if I get too frail?

The Foundation wants to keep all its residents for as long as possible. The current average age of Sue Ryder tenants is 82½. However much we would like to retain tenants if their needs surpass the ability of the Foundation to meet them, in agreement with the GP.

What is the rent?

The Foundation sets a minimum weekly rent for all tenants and operates a sliding scale of charges for those who do not qualify for the local authority waiting list. Those charges can be discussed with the Foundation and will be treated confidentially. The charges are in line with DoEHLG recommendations and are similar to the Dublin and Cork City Council schemes.

The Foundation aims to keep to costs for all occupiers to a minimum and operates a sliding scale of charges from those who do not qualify for the local authority housing waiting list.